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The country of Vanuatu has a great need for training, especially for young people. The school drop out rate is high and without the proper training, young people in the urban areas have a hard time finding and keeping jobs.

Over the years of establishing some of YWAM's University of the Nations courses here, we have realized that most young people are actually not in a place to succeed in any academic or vocational training environment, either because it is simply a foreign concept to them or because they are dealing with issues in their lives that make a success impossible.

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Here at V2LIFE we are creating a safe environment for these youth to grow and develop for a season in their lives to then be in a place where they can succeed in formal training with us, with YWAM in other locations, with other educational institutions and in the job world.

There is also a very big need for a holistic Gospel being taught. A Gospel that does not entirely focus on handing out tickets to heaven, but carefully includes all aspects of the NT concept and Greek meaning of what we commonly call 'salvation'. Therefore we try to include this teaching in everything we do - be it discipleship, teaching and preaching, community development projects, medical mission.

If you are interested in the details of what we are doing on a daily basis we encourage you to follow our various FaceBook profiles and pages.

You can also find out more about our specific ministries we are running and establishing by clicking on the below links.


Vanuatu is to a large degree based on subsistence farming and that is also the environment most young people would be most familiar with. V2LIFE runs a small farm to use this circumstance as a tool to disciple young people.

A handful of youth are living and working at the LIFE FARM. They have recognized issues in their lives such as addictions, emotional hurts, moral struggles and all their implications and a general loss of direction in their lives that are momentarily hindering them from getting an education or a job.

Life at the farm is filled with all sorts of manual labor - taking care of our chicken and goats, working the fields, processing the harvest or selling the products, only to mention a few here. We also want to branch out and teach fish farming and even handicraft and arts in the future.

Besides learning valuable hands-on skills the youth also learn about responsibility, reliability, honesty, work ethics, team work and many other important values for a successful and meaningful life.

As part of teaching skills in the area of agriculture and aquaculture we see it as a great opportunity to introduce and even research new and better models and systems of how people in developing nations on a grassroots level can use these areas to create a better livelihood for themselves. We hope that over time we will be able to start impacting families and communities in Vanuatu through the youths who will have lived, worked and learned with us.

The farm runs alongside our LIFE FAMILY which really gives the context for life at the farm. It is like the farm is family run.



The LIFE FAMILY provides the context for our farm. The two ministries really go together, depending on each other. It is like the farm is family run, staff and participants living and working together in a family like environment.

It is during the family times when the youth receive encouragement discipleship and counseling to help them form life-giving biblical habits and patterns. Within the family there are also times of worship and intercession as well as teaching sessions on selected topics.



Receiving life is one thing; giving life is a whole different story. As Christians we freely receive real life from God and we are called to freely give life to others.

Our LIFE TEAMS do exactly that, they go out and give life to the ones that need it the most. Although the teams always carry an evangelistic message when they go out, their focus is more on a practical side. They show their faith through their works. Biblical Salvation is a holistic concept parallel to the Hebrew concept of Shalom describing a state where everything is the way God intended it to be. Therefore, at the heart of our outreaches is a holistic approach to both community development and the proclaiming of the Gospel.

Sometimes we form a team with our own staff and participants and go out, sometimes it is teams coming from overseas. The spectrum of work goes from strategic community development projects (clean water, healthcare, construction) all the way to what's sometimes called 'Acts of Random Kindness' where the teams go and serve people in any way possible - cleaning houses, gardening, shopping, doing laundry, etc.



Ok, maybe we are pushing the 'life' thing a bit, but our heart behind the training center really is much more than just running a few interesting courses. We want to train young people for a life of service for God.

At this stage we are still establishing the Training Center, but we are getting close to being ready to have courses run here.

The first one we are focusing on is the School of Biblical Studies (SBS). This is a 9 months long intensive course where students study through the entire Bible.

Other courses we would like to have run are in the area of science and technology, counseling, healthcare, and early childhood education . We encourage other YWAM Bases that have a heart for multiplying schools to get in touch with us about running one of their schools in Vanuatu.



Main Entry:life-line

(1 : a line to which persons may cling for safety)
2 : something considered vital for survival

The second one of the above definitions exactly describes what our LIFELINE ministry is all about. We place a high value on this side of our ministry. It includes areas like our logistics for food and transport, the maintaining of our place, administration, hospitality, but also worship and intercession.

We strongly believe that this side of the ministry is not only crucial for the effectiveness of a ministry, but, when taken seriously and done right, it is an area in Christian Service that can bring so much glory to God.

We do not want to miss out on this opportunity to glorify God and make great efforts in this area just like in all other areas of our ministry.

If you are a handyman, an accountant or a chef and want to serve God in missions, you will feel just as important as the Bible teacher or counselor working with us.








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