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The Wedding

Flower Girls and Ring Bearer

Bridesmaid Jane

Tired, nervous...

The Cake

We're pretty, and we know it


Groom and Parents

The Groom...

... really ridiculously good looking

Best Man Dan


Geoff Ogilvie

Alyna and Collette - Pango Power

Here comes the Bride

Giving of the Bride


The Parents

Big Wedding

Pastor's Wife

Gilbert and Jill Gibson

On behalf of every Aunty

Do you...?

Ps. Peter with daughter

"When do I say 'yes'?"

Namba Wan!!!

The Bride and Parents

So beatiful...

All in White



I can't get enough...


Prayer of Dedication

Mr. and Mrs. Roger and Cindy Sutter

It's official now

Off they go...

"That was cool, wasn't it?"

It's Picture Time


The Reception

The Pango Conquering Choir

The Pig Challenge

The Cake Challenge

The Future...


More Pictures


The Pig


Preparations for the big day


Family Get-Together


Our future home (my home as of now)

Cindy's Family

Nephew Fabien
From left:
Ps. Robert, Carla,
Cindy, Roger, Marcel,
Junia, Clay, Anti Edna
Roger's Tawis (Brothers-in-Law) and Father-in-Law