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We keep this website quite minimal in terms of content, but you can find some important links and other info on here and we have an online donation option on here if you would like to help us cover our cost of living while we serve in Vanuatu.

New, there is now a blog where Rev Rog shares his thoughts from time to time. So, make sure to check in for updates.

For photos and personal family type stuff, follow us on our social media accounts where we can better control who sees what.


Roger and Cindy Sutter live in Vanuatu. They have been married since 2008 and have three children. In 2011 they started a charitable association to provide education and community development to the islands of Vanuatu. Currently, their focus is on establishing a primary school in Teouma Valley on the island of Efate.


Support Us

Our service here in Vanuatu comes without any salary, we are 100% volunteers and have to raise support to cover our cost of living.

One-Off Gifts
By clicking on your preferred currency you are redirected to a stripe checkout page where you can make a one off donation of a freely chosen amount (minimum of 10.00 applies).

Monthly Support
Committed monthly support helps us plan ahead, it takes away stress and lets us focus on our service. If you would like to become a monthly supporter, message us to let us know and we can send you a link to set that up, using the same stripe platform as for one-off gifts with a recurring card transaction.



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